Mrs MacInnes

Primary 1 have been enjoying story time with our buddies. Of course this year our time with buddies is very different and we are so lucky that the buddies and prefects have been recording stories for us on their Chromebooks and then sharing them with us on our shared classroom. Technology really can be so helpful!

I do hope that everyone has a really happy and healthy October holiday and will look forward to seeing you all again on Monday 26th October.

P1 had a fantastic day of learning activities outdoors today. We would like to say a huge thank you to P7 pupils and teachers for all their hard work organising everything so well and for the lovely variety of activities. To tie in with Maths Week Scotland we had a shape hunt and some data handling to do and I was really impressed with the information the P1 children could tell me from the bar chart they made. These activities, along with dancing, yoga, art, races, hunting for nouns, verbs and phonics meant that everyone had a brilliant day! Very well done P7, your leaderships skills are impressive and you gave P1 a very happy time for their first activity day at Millbank. #MathsWeekScotland

It has been a busy two days for Primary 1 and we have been making the most of the lovely weather by taking our learning ourside. This week it is Maths Week Scotland and we are focusing on our number of the day. Monday’s number was 7 and Tuesday’s was 8. The children had lots of fun working out as many ways as possible of finding the number. They used a lot of different resources and the photos show a selection of all the interesting ways they have shown their understanding of the numbers. The children also spent some time having fun with the water tray whilst exploring what the words full, half full, empty, more and less mean. They had the perfect weather for having fun filling, emptying and splashing!

All the children in P1 have settled in so well to their busy days at school and are having lots of fun whilst they learn. Here is a selection of some of the things we have been busy at over the last few weeks.

Learning about maths is so much fun and every day the children are impressing the adults with what they are discovering. By playing with different objects they are finding ways to forming numbers, sorting numbers, independently discovering how to add numbers together and finding patterns. They have also been investigating how long or how tall some of their constructions are, managing to build a tower of straws which was taller than Mrs MacInnes!

In literacy the children have started learning their phonics and have been having fun forming the letters in a variety of different ways and using a huge range of materials such as chalk, stickers, glue and string, sequins, sticks, stones and even their own bodies!

Some people have loved the chance to be the teacher too…

In Health and Wellbeing we have been learning about different emotions and how they make us feel. We have listened to lots of stories and have been thinking about the different ways we feel when we are happy, worried, nervous, angry, scared, sad or excited. One thing that makes everyone very happy is to spend time playing with their friends. Being in P1 really is such an exciting time!

It is now just over a week since Primary 1 started school and what a busy and active time it has been! Everyone has settled in really well and we have been really busy both outside and inside the classroom. Primary 1 love listening to stories, making things and most important of all, playing! The children have adapted really well to the routine of hand washing, looking after the toys and their own belongings and getting tables ready in class to sit and eat lunch together. I am very proud of every child for making such a fantastic start to Primary 1.

Mrs MacInnes

P 1 and GM1 spent a very enjoyable morning at Nairn Free Church today, learning about Easter. The children listened to stories, sang songs, played a variety of games, watched short films, took part in a craft activity and enjoyed a lovely snack. Thank you to all involved at Nairn Free Church for inviting us to spend the morning with you.

It was a beautiful morning to be out for a walk and all the adults who accompanied the classes were really impressed with how well behaved and interested all the children were throughout the morning. Very well done P1 and GM1.

Mrs MacInnes

It was a busy, fun day in P1 yesterday as we decided to base our learning activities around the theme of pancakes. We listened to the very funny story of Mr Wolf’s Pancakes (we all loved the very surprising ending!), made and ate some yummy pancakes and then because we had cut some pancakes in half, we spent some time finding ways of representing our understanding of the word “half” by using a huge range of different materials. Some people drew pictures, some built models, some cut paper and some people showed how to find half of a number using their fingers. Some people then realised that some of the images they had created were also symmetrical. Very well done P1, your ability to extend your learning never fails to impress me!

Mrs MacInnes

Primary 1 have been enjoying many different activities lately but two of the absolute favourite have been gymnastics in the gym hall and puppet shows in class.

Our gymnastics lessons have been lots of fun. The children have been busy practising their climbing, rolling, jumping and sliding skills, whilst all the time learning how to keep safe in the gym hall. It has been really rewarding watching them grow in confidence too.

We used some of the money we earned from the bottle lamps we sold at the Christmas Fayre to buy a beautiful puppet theatre and a variety of hand puppets. We frequently have impromptu puppet shows and as you can see from photos, sometimes the audience gets dressed up for the occasion! Talking and listening in action – very well done Primary 1!

Mrs MacInnes

It has been a very busy but very happy time in Primary 1. The Christmas Show was a very exciting, then the P1 party was a lot of fun, especially when Santa came to visit. Then, this morning, when we all arrived in class, our room was in a mess with toys and water bottles scattered on the floor. There was much pondering about what had made the mess and eventually we found out…

Santa emailed Mrs MacInnes to apologise for the behaviour of some of his naughty reindeer! Instead of going out training for the long journey on Christmas Eve, three of the reindeer came into our class and had a bit of fun. Santa even sent us the video evidence! Primary 1 are now ready to go home after our school Talent Show this afternoon and enjoy Christmas with their families. Merry Christmas everyone!

Primary 1 had a busy time today getting ready for the Christmas Fayre. The children are working on their enterprise project, the Primary 1 Bright Sparks. The Bright Sparks are making beautiful bottle lamps to sell at the Fayre and spent some time today making posters to advertise their lamps. Three groups of children also had time to assemble some of the lamps. This involves choosing a bottle, carefully feeding the LED lights into the bottle, threading a bell onto a gift label and tying on a bag of spare batteries. Lots of fine motor skills in evidence! The lamps will be on sale at the Fayre on Wednesday 20th November and cost £7 each. Any profit that is made will be used to buy a sturdy puppet theatre for the class and hopefully we will also make enough money to buy some construction material too.

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