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Hello from Nursery!

We are unbelievably almost at the end of the school year. It seems to have flown past! Our topic for learning over the last few weeks started with our gardening. The discovery of lots of bugs in the garden initiated an interest in minibeasts.  This is a huge topic so we narrowed it down through the use of a graph – the children chose their favourite bug from the choice of bees, butterflies, ladybirds and spiders.  Butterflies were the most popular so we started with them. We looked at the life cycle of the butterfly, discovering how they start as tiny eggs, grow into caterpillars, then emerge from a cocoon. We were all fascinated to learn that butterflies taste with their feet, have wet wings when they emerge from the cocoon, use their antennae as clocks to tell the time and have very, very long tongues to drink nectar. We learnt too that butterflies have very delicate and symmetrical wings. We used this knowledge to create our own symmetrical patterns remembering that symmetrical means the same on both sides.

We read a story called The Caterpillar’s Shoes. We all loved it and we used the story and photos to practise our sequencing skills, retelling the story in our own words.

Ladybirds were our second most popular bug and we have spent some time finding out facts about them. We didn’t realise that they came in so many different colours! Or that the spots faded as the ladybirds got older. We used our creative and technical skills to design bug hotels to invite the ladybirds to stay in the garden.

 We also used the beebot robot to think about direction and programming. We had to figure out where we wanted the beebot to go and then give it instructions. It is quite tricky but we were very impressed by some of the more complex programming.

As well as all the learning about bugs we have had a very busy term with other events and transition to Primary 1. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came along for sports day. We were so lucky to get some sunshine second time round ! Everyone did so well in their races. We would also like to say thank you for coming to the Summer Concert. We were so proud of the children being able to stand on the stage and sing with such enthusiasm!

Throughout this term we have been visiting the big playground and lining up alongside the rest of the school so those children moving up get used to the bigger environment. We have been having some trips to the bigger toilets too – again trying to make sure things are familiar for the soon to be primary ones amongst us.

On Tuesday afternoons we have had visits from Fiona who does Kodaly with the children. Kodaly teaches us about the beat and rhythm in music by using songs and games. Those involved have been really focused in the groups and we have been trying out a few of the games in nursery.

Lastly, for those moving up to Primary one, it has been a pleasure having you in nursery and we look forward to seeing you progressing and developing as you move up though the school. For those returning we look forward to having your company for another year and we will see you on August the 20th!

Have a very lovely summer holiday everyone!


 Mrs Grant. Miss Gair, Mrs Parker, Miss Kirk, Mrs Pirie and Miss Jones

Here are all the pictures that were taken at Fairburn. Hope you enjoy them.

Hello from Nursery!

It’s the end of another very busy term here at Millbank Nursery.  Our current learning topic is focused around planting and growing. This stemmed from our attempts to re-organise the garden and move some of our plants. We had some very enthusiastic diggers and planters. We also had some very happy bug hunters… worms, millipedes, ladybirds, slugs, woodlice and caterpillars all turned up in the course of our labours.

As well as moving the bulbs, we have planted a variety of bee friendly flowers and some carrots and potatoes. Hopefully after the holidays we will see wee shoots appearing and at some point be able to taste the produce. We have used cress as an experiment to see exactly what plants need to grow. We have planted cress with and without watering it. We gave some cress sunlight and hid another pot in a dark cupboard. The children predicted what they thought would happen and we will discuss what actually has happened. All this has given plenty opportunity to talk about the different parts of the plant – the root, the stem or stalk, the leaves, the petals and the flower.

We have been looking at where our food grows before we buy it from the shops. We have discovered which fruits and vegetables grow in the ground, which grow on trees and what we will find on bushes, vines and plants.

As part of the conversation around fruit and vegetables we had fruit tasting sessions and made our own vegetable soup. We tried coconut, dates, grapefruit, kiwi, watermelon, pineapple and pomegranate.  We used lots of big descriptive words to talk about how we found the experience – “juicy, tasty, icy, yummy, nice, watery, fruity.” We made a bar chart to show our favourites – watermelon was very definitely the most popular. When making the soup we had to use sharp knives to cut the onions, potatoes, carrots and turnip.  We learnt to be very careful and keep ourselves – and our fingers – safe! The soup was a big hit; even those who weren’t originally sure they liked it had second helpings!

Claws, the Nursery bear who went into hibernation before Christmas was tempted out by the brief glimpse of warmer drier weather. We had a small teddy bears picnic to celebrate his awakening. We did a bit of baking to help with this celebration which was an excellent opportunity to get involved with numeracy. We followed the recipe step by step, measured out the ingredients using scales and took turns with the stirring, mixing, kneading, rolling and cutting out and icing the biscuits.

Our Nursery parents evening is on Thursday the 25th of April. Appointment times will be handed out over the next few days and at the beginning of next term.

We hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday and we look forward to seeing you when we come back on Tuesday the 23rd of April.


Miss Kirk, Miss Jones, Miss Gair, Mrs Parker, Mrs Grant and Mrs Pirie.

P2/3 celebrated World Book Day by taking part in the school book swap and then taking our books outside for a spot of Extreme Reading.  Not only did we read in strange places and positions, but we also had to deal with some very inclement weather!



We are very proud of our Technology Team, On Tuesday they ran workshops on using Google Docs, Drive, Classroom and TT Rockstars to parents/carers at the Chromebook Information Evening. They showed off their fantastic knowledge about the Chromebooks and were very polite and helpful to all that attended. The team has been praised by numerous parents/carers and staff members. They were all stars of the week. Well done!

Hello from Nursery!

Over the last month or so we have been very busy in a jungle world. If you have been into the nursery you may well have seen snakes hanging from vines and been spied on through binoculars or met by an animal or two.

With the jungle as our background we have been doing a wide variety of learning;

We have been using our imaginations and props to make up our own jungle stories, sometimes by ourselves and sometimes with friends.

We have been practising our sorting, sequencing and pattern making skills with a range of different types and colours of animals.

We have been using books, technology and a visiting parent (Thank you Helen McIvor!) to discover more about elephants and some of their amazing abilities.

We have been leading play, cooperating and negotiating within play and sharing resources within our jungle house.

Our physical skills have been put to the test through animal movements in gym and in the garden.

We have been solving problems and using our creativity to make music shakers out of junk and pasta. It was quite a challenge to make sure the shakers were strong enough not to lose the contents while dancing.

We have been listening to stories about Elmer the patchwork elephant and then using our creativity to make our own Elmer models or pictures with different materials.

We have been working on our scissor skills, cutting snakes into spirals or snipping at shapes. Our fine motor skills have also been strengthened through use of playdough, tweezers and screw top lids.

Also a wee reminder to all that this term is a very busy term with transition and Safe, Strong and Free. The remaining dates are listed below.





Monday 11th March 9:30am

Monday 25th March 9:30am

Gaelic Medium Transition:

Friday 1st March 9:30am

Friday 15th March 9:30am

Friday 29th March 9:30am

Safe, Strong and Free:

Monday 4th March 11-11:45am or 12:15-1pm

Monday 11th March 11-11:45am or 12:15-1pm


Miss Jones, Miss Kirk, Miss Gair, Mrs Grant, Mrs Pirie and Mrs Parker


P6/7M looked at the art of Chuck Close this week and created their own version of his art. Working together they took responsibility for a section of the picture, decorating it anyway they wanted but making sure they used a combination of light and dark colours to produce the face. We are quite impressed by the way it turned out!

After being successful in their interviews the above pupils were selected to be Millbank’s Technology Team. They will be responsible for promoting internet safety in the school and helping introduce Chromebooks into classrooms.  Their first task is to prepare a presentation for Internet Safety Day for the whole school, which they are all ready in the process of doing. Well done Technology Team/

Dear Parents/Carers

We are looking for some bits and pieces to use in our nursery garden. If you do have any of the objects below they would be gratefully received!


Old pots/pans/baking trays

Old computer key boards and screens

Old landline and mobile telephones

Old non-working cameras

Old kettles, toasters

Children’s toy tools

Old paint brushes, rollers and paint trays

Unwanted calenders and diaries (the dates don’t matter

Takeaway menus

Thank you so much!

Miss Jones, Miss Gair, Miss Kirk, Mrs Grant, Mrs Pirie and Mrs Parker

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