Halla McLean

The weeks since the October holidays have just flown in! We have had Halloween where the children made their own fun fair with a ring toss, pull the nail out of the bale, hook a pumpkin and a lucky dip. The children all worked hard on their stalls, both making their game and then manning their stall during the fair! We have also had bonfire night where they finger painted fabulous fires and added glittery fireworks and also Remembrance day and Children in need. We are currently working on a surprise for the families, all will be revealed shortly…! As this week is book week Scotland we have been looking at the jobs of authors and illustrators and having a go at planning and writing a story. Even though we have been very busy we took the time to give ourselves some fabulous new hairstyles with leaves and twigs!

Pull the nail from the bale.
Ring toss in action.
The spiders have been busy.
Maths practice.
This character is a pen called Penny.
This is Gemmy the gem.
That one has a fire in his tail!
Discussing characters and plot.
I wonder what this could be??

P2/3 tried lots of different maths during maths week last week. We looked at patterns and symmetry, had a go at the robotic mice, some maths board games as well as games on the smartboard and chromebooks. We also practiced lots of numbers and did a some problem solving.

During this term we have been focusing on our wellbeing so have been busy in the garden, connecting with nature and exploring what we can find there. We have collected an incredible amount of conkers, tasted apples, pears, strawberries, kale and different colours of lettuce that we grew ourselves. We have also potted out some of our tiny plants that we grew from seed and made a new flower bed that will attract lots of insects next summer! We have been collecting things with an autumn them as well and have an autumn table in the class. All the classes got a set of PE equipment to keep in class that we have taken out to practice ball skills and just to play with if the weather is nice. We go out every day too if weather allows for our daily mile. I think after all this work we all need our holidays but I look forward to lots more fun when we get back! Enjoy your October break everyone😁

A complicated track for the robotic mouse.
Robo mouse tig!
Patterns and symmetry.
Exploring symmetry in nature.
Board games.
Maths games on the Chromebooks.
And on the smartboard.
Our autumn table.
Rocco’s leaf rubbings look like a forest!
More leaf rubbings.
Exploring the colour and pattern of our feelings.
They are angry!
Some finished feelings.
Trying out the obstacle course made by Amy.
And the parachute.
Practicing ball skills.

P2/3 are learning about the environment, different habitats and investigating what lives in our school garden. We want to invite a lot more animals and beasties to the garden so we can study them and as everyone needs water to survive a little pond is the first thing to do. We had to clear a lot of weeds to do this but we are nearly there! We have also planted spring broccoli, kale, strawberries and lavender for the bees as well as sown lots of flower seeds to attract insects. We also discovered that onion seed smells of onion if you wet them! Although we have been very busy in the garden we haven’t forgotten to enjoy being in it too and have taken some toys out for choosing time. There is lots more to do so watch out for those busy bees!

Watering our seedlings.
Checking progress.
We found some strawberries in all the weeds.
Busy clearing a space for the pond.
We had to shift some soil.
And sift out the weeds and stones.
It took a lot of buckets to fill those tyres.
Adding some water.
Is there anything in it yet?
Harvesting rabbit food.
She’s all prepared for winter.
Our resident gnome, Gnomy hiding in a pot!
Searching for beasties.
Found one!
Found some more!

I just wanted everyone to see the beautiful chameleons that we were working on for parent’s night. The children were experimenting with watercolour techniques like splattering, blending and using salt. We also found out all about chamelions and made fact files. Stay safe everyone. Mrs McLean

P7 came to P3/4 last week to share their knowledge of electric circuits and how they work. We built simple circuits and then tried more advanced ones with buzzers, fans and a variety of conductors. Thank you P7!

P3/4 had a wonderful day out visiting the UHI STEM hub. In the morning we tried being scientists and doing experiments and in the afternoon we tried our engineering skills with some bridge building. The children were excellent representatives of Millbank with their enthusiasm, excellent behaviour and good manners. A hands on and busy day and we were all very tired when we got back to school!

P3/4 are extremely creative with the junk and other building materials in class. This morning during golden time everyone was constructing something; from a fabulous mansion for the finger puppets to Lego models and clay Christmas dinners with carrots and sprouts. Excellent problem solving and engineering skills!


We have been busy this term, weeding, digging up potatoes, making a new rockery, making a seasonal wall display, planting bulbs and seeds and painting the tyres that were kindly donated to us. We also enjoyed the apples from the growing orchard and made apple crumble. The pears will hopefully be ready after the holidays!




P3/4 used the gorgeous autumn weather last week to go outside to learn about data handling. We made tally charts, a line graph and a Carroll diagram.

We had lots of fun yesterday making electric circuits in class and testing the conductivity of different materials like paperclips, rubbers and wood. The buzzers when we got them to work turned out to be quite noisy!

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