Mrs McPherson

Schools back, Active Schools sessions are (nearly) back!
Autumn Term primary programme runs 03Sep
– 12Oct:

Rosebank: Junior Athletics P1-P3, 3-4pm. £10 for block
Rosebank: Street Dance P1-P3, 4.15-5pm. FREE
Millbank: Multi Sports P1-P3, 3-4pm. £10 for block

Rosebank: Dodgeball P4-P7, 3-4pm. £10 for block
Millbank: Junior Athletics P1-P3, 3-4pm. £10 for block
Nairn Academy: Badminton P1-P7, 6.45-7.30pm. £10 for block

Rosebank: NEW Ross County Football Club Soccer Centre
P1-P3, 3-4pm. FREE
P4-P5, 4-5pm. FREE
P6-P7, 5-6pm. FREE
Millbank: Dodgeball P4-P7, 3-4pm. £12 for block 

Rosebank: Basketball P4-P7, 3-4pm. £12 for block

To register, please complete and return attached consent form to First come first serve. All sessions in Nairn are open to pupils from Rosebank and Millbank (understandable for participants from other schools to arrive late to 3pm sessions). Please pay coach for entire block at first session.
* Rosebank Gymnastics will resume later this term – watch this space for updates.

Active schools consent form

P1 learned about penguins and then painted some beautiful backgrounds for their paper penguins. We think they look very smart!

The school is open today. The roads and pavements are still icy so please be careful on your way to school.

Millbank Primary school is open today – Wednesday 17th January 2018.  Please take extra care on your journey to school.

Millbank Primary is open today, please be very careful on your journey to school and please note Highland Council guidance –


It is the responsibility of parents or carers to decide if a pupil should attempt to travel to school, by transport or on foot, in adverse weather conditions. The Council encourages full attendance at school but in severe weather conditions the safety of pupils is much more important.

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