Mrs Coutts

This morning, GM 2-3 and Primary 3 showed off their impressive dancing skills! They have been learning the Canadian barn dance and Strip the Willow for their Christmas parties.

Everyone had great fun and Miss Walker, Mrs Coutts and Mrs Smith were very impressed when they even managed the progressive Canadian barn dance!! Well done to you all, we are very excited for your party!

Gach madainn, bidh clas 1 a’ brosnachadh diofar sgillean leis a bhith a’ cluich agus ag obair còmhla. Dh’ obraich iad air a bhith a gabhail cothroman agus ag obair ri chèile.

Each morning, GM1 work on various skills when having ‘soft start’. This morning they showed great co-operation skills, taking turns and working together when playing various games. All of these are very important in class! Fìor mhath clàs 1. Well done GM1.

Thòisich GM1-3 a’ cleachdadh na chromebooks airson dealbhan a dhèanamh. Bha cothrom aca a’ cluich air am pròrgam airson a ‘fàs cleachte ris. Rinn cuid dealbhan air na tha sinn air a bhith ag obair air .. cleasan-teine agus a’ cumail sàbhailte. Dh’ionnsaich sinn tòrr sgillean ùra!

GM1-3 started using the Chromebooks yesterday to create pictures. They worked on lots of skills and are becoming more familiar with the program. Some used what we were working on in class and drew pictures of fireworks and keeping safe. Sgoinneil!

After reading Oliver’s Fruit Salad, P3 have been enjoying learning about fruit. 

We looked at all the fruit growing in the school garden and discussed how it grows.

 We also worked hard to make a wonderful fruit salad that we and our parents enjoyed at the Open Afternoon.

GM 1-3 were busy this afternoon investigating colours. We undertook the ‘Walking water’ experiment and watched as the colours spread from cup. Children had to predict what would happen and record their findings… Everyone got a surprise! What a fun afternoon, investigating, learning and developing new skills!

Bha Clas 1 uabhasach trang a’peantadh Elmer an-de.

Tha sinn air a bhith a’ coimhead sna leabhraichean agus a’brudhinn my dheidhinn na dathan àlainn a th’ air. Dh’obraich sinn ri chèile airson dealbh breagha a dhèanah!

Clas 1 were very busy yesterday Elmer. They discussed the different colours on Elmer and worked together to remember the Gaelic words for them. Deagh obair clas a h-aon! Mrs Coutts

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