Mrs Coutts

Abair deagh latha air Dihaoine! What a successful day our GM classes had on Friday in Inverness at the provincial mòd. Both classes competed in numerous competitions from writing, poetry, art, verse speaking, conversation and sight reading. Overall, Millbank came away with 14 medals! Well done to everyone who took part, it’s amazing to see such a small Gaelic unit win so many awards. All results will be in tomorrows newsletters and below are photos of some of our competitors from Friday. A big thank you to the parents for supporting and helping the children to get ready for the Mòd. More photos to follow. Mrs Coutts

Despite their trip to the beach being cancelled, GM 1-3 & P3/4 had an action packed day in school. Children designed and created their own beach/ocean dioramas using various recycled material – they supported each other and demonstrated lots of different skills when creating these. Then, they played musical fish and enjoyed a picnic lunch in the gym hall. Finally, they finished the afternoon off by watching Finding Nemo with popcorn and juice. Everyone had a great day and it was brilliant to see children from different classes working together, sharing skills and having fun! Mrs Coutts & Mrs Robertson

Tha a’ ghrian seo a’ cordadh rinn gu mòr ann an GM1-3. Chaidh sinn a-mach an-dè airson ag obair air an uair! Dh’obraich sin air a bhith ag innse an uair!We are loving this weather in GM 1-3. Yesterday we went outside and did some work on time. We worked on creating our own clocks with chalk and twigs then reading the time from it!

Airson crìoch a chuir air an topaig Caistealan/Saoghal uair a bha suid, bha bangaid rìoghail againn an-diugh. Smaoinich sinn air am biadh a bhiodh againn agus cuideachd sinn sinn deise sònraichte. Tha tòrr spòrs air a bhith againn! Saor-laithean snog dhuibh uile!

To end our castles/fairyland topic we had a very royal banquet today. We discussed what food we would have and also created our own royal outfits! We have really enjoyed this topic! Happy holidays everyone!

Anns an topaig caistealan, thog sinn suil air armachd na ridirean. Seall air na sgiathan àlainn againn!

In our castle topic, we had a look at different parts of a knights armour. Look at the wonderful shields we made!

Seo Lexie agus Arthur a’ cur na rudan mu dheireadh air an ridire againn! Dh’ionnsaich sinn na diofar ainmean airson pàirtean den armachd.

Lexie & Arthur putting the finishing touches to our class knight. We learnt the names of different parts of the armour which was quite tricky in Gaelic!

Thòisich clas 1, 2 & 3 air Sumdog an-de. ‘S e goireas matamataig a th’ ann agus ‘s urrainn dhuinn a’ cluich aig an taigh cuideachd! Thuirt a chlas gun robh e uabhasach spòrsail!

GM 1-3 got introduced to Sumdog yesterday. This is an online maths resource which can be used in school and home. Everyone said they had lots of fun with their maths!

Chaidh GM1-3 a-mach feasgar an-diugh airson spòrs a gabhail a-muigh. Chluich sinn an geama sporsail ‘An Nead aig an Dragon’.

Abair spòrs! Mrs Coutts

Chòrd Latha nam Foileagan ri GM1-3. Chuidich sinn airson na foileagan againn fhìn a dhèanamh! Bha iad uabhasach blasta! Ium ium..

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