Chleachd GM1-3 na iPads agus na compiutarean airson rannsachadh a dhèanamh air na beathaichean a tha a’ fuireach anns an Arctaig agus Antarctica. Uaireanan bha e doirbh dealbhan a’ lorg agus fhuair sinn a-mach gu bheil tòrr diofar beathaichean annta. Cha robh fhios againn mu dheidhinn an ‘sea cucumber’ a tha a’ fuireach san Antarctica! Bha e uabhasach eibhinn!

Today we used the iPads and computers to learn about the different animals that live in the two polar regions. At times it was tricky but we found out about a lot of strange animals – especially the ‘sea cucumber’ that lives in Antarctica! It was very funny!

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