P2/3 are learning about the environment, different habitats and investigating what lives in our school garden. We want to invite a lot more animals and beasties to the garden so we can study them and as everyone needs water to survive a little pond is the first thing to do. We had to clear a lot of weeds to do this but we are nearly there! We have also planted spring broccoli, kale, strawberries and lavender for the bees as well as sown lots of flower seeds to attract insects. We also discovered that onion seed smells of onion if you wet them! Although we have been very busy in the garden we haven’t forgotten to enjoy being in it too and have taken some toys out for choosing time. There is lots more to do so watch out for those busy bees!

Watering our seedlings.
Checking progress.
We found some strawberries in all the weeds.
Busy clearing a space for the pond.
We had to shift some soil.
And sift out the weeds and stones.
It took a lot of buckets to fill those tyres.
Adding some water.
Is there anything in it yet?
Harvesting rabbit food.
She’s all prepared for winter.
Our resident gnome, Gnomy hiding in a pot!
Searching for beasties.
Found one!
Found some more!

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