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P5 enjoyed a visit from Nadine Giraud this week, she teaches primary children in Ecole Meillote in Soisy-sur-Seine, France.  P5 are involved in a French school partnership where we will share learning, projects and culture throughout the school year using eTwinning and our French Mascot Monsieur le loup. They will also be able to pair up with the French pupils from Madame Giraud’s class and receive letters, cards etc. Nadine did lots of fun things with the children, we will miss her. Mrs Amos.

Today P7 did a fantastic job presenting an engaging and respectful remembrance service today. Thank you to all parents/carers who managed to attend – we know it’s not easy to get time off to come. Here are some pictures for those that couldn’t make it.

Have a safe weekend

Mr MacDonald

We are getting set up for our Remembrance Assembly. We hope a P7 parents/carers can make it?

P7 will be holding a remembrance assembly on Friday 9th November at 11am. All P7 parents/carers are invited to attend.

Hope to see you there

Mr MacDonald

Bha spors aig Clas 1 – 3 a’ deanamh dealbhan de na cleasan-teine a chunnaic sinn aig an deireadh sheachdain. Chleachd sinn creidheanan agus peant tana airson na dealbhan a dheanamh. Chaidh sinn thairis air na riaghailtean airson a’ cumail sabhailte nuair a tha sinn aig teine mhor! Rinn sinn feadhainn le peant dathte cuideachd!


We used crayons, thin black paint and bright paint to make our fireworks. Lots of us had been at bonfires/firework displays over the weekend so we discussed the importance of keeping safe as well!


P5 have been enjoying learning about music, rhythm and beat during their Feis music sessions, now they are learning how to play the tin whistle. Mrs Amos.

We hope you all had a relaxing October holiday and the changing of the clock hasn’t caused too much chaos at home! We would like to thank you for the fantastic turn out during stay and play week last term. It was really lovely to see everyone and we hoped you enjoyed the opportunity to come in and see what happens at nursery and have a look through your child’s special folder of work. We appreciated your comments too, it was helpful and interesting to read them.


The children have been talking about all things autumnal and there has been specific interest in the animals that go to sleep or hibernate over the winter. Some of the children have been involved in making a bed for a bear, hopefully he will manage to find a peaceful spot within the classroom to have a snooze. What happens to the leaves and trees has also been a point of conversation, we will continue to explore this avenue of learning within our floorbook.


This term is looking very busy already. Transition to primary one will start within the next few weeks. We also have a program of dancing booked in to take place over five afternoons and Bookbug are popping in one morning to do a session of singing and story-telling with us.


A wee reminder that there are certificates within the cloakroom for you to celebrate special moments at home, fill them in and we will put them up on our Wow wall. Honey Bear was excited to re-start her visiting after two week at school without cuddles. She will come to everyone in time and we love hearing about her adventures out and about.


Thank you,


From all the ELC staff

(Mrs Parker, Miss Jones, Miss Kirk, Miss Gair, Mrs Pirie and Mrs Grant)

Bha tòrr spòrs aig GM 4-7 le feadagan an t-seachdain seo.

GM 4-7 had a lot of fun this week with their Fèis Teacher learning a tune on the tin whistle.

Mr Kelly

P5 pair up and work with P2 for different activities. They enjoy weekly paired reading sessions to help P2 with their new words and reading tasks. I’m so proud of how well they work with the younger children.

P6/7M were visited today by Sam and Asleigh from the UHI STEM team. They delivered an interesting workshop where we had to create the planets in our solar system to scale using Plasticine and work out the distance of the planets from the Sun with toilet paper (1 sheet represented 50000000km). It was very eye opening to see how big/small planets are in comparison with one another and the huge distances between them.

Mr MacDonald

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