P5 really enjoyed learning about music, rhythm and beat during their Feis music sessions. Mrs Amos.

P2 have had a visit from outdoor learning expert Shona Amos.

We were going to be having a morning of outdoor learning but the weather was very wet so we stayed inside. Our topic is trees and the P2 children were engaged and enthusiastic during her visit. She brought in a variety of natural materials for us to explore and looked at different woodland creatures and worked out where in a tree they would live.

She was very impressed by primary 2’s knowledge of deciduous and evergreen trees!

Mrs Christie

Bha clas 1 ag obair air na sgillean compiutar agus matamataig an-diugh. Bha sinn a’ cluich diofar geamanan airson a’ cunntais gu 15. Abair spòrs!

At end of September GM1, 2 & 3 were fortunate to get a visit from Gaelic author Ceitidh Hutton. She introduced us to her new book, played lots of games with us and also brought Grumpa in to meet us. We also made bee puppets – mòran taing Ceitidh. Bha tòrr spòrs againn!


We would love some Lego to play with at nursery. It is so good for our creative and mathematical thinking as well as for developing our fine motor skills. If anyone has any spare bits we would be delighted to receive it.


Thank you!

Primary six have been working hard on their oceans topic this term and have created a giant art display for our classroom wall! They painted each layer of the ocean in groups from light blue (the layer nearest the ocean surface) down to black in the trench zone where no sunlight would reach.

They used the ipads and chromebooks to research sea creatures that live in their group’s layer of the ocean. They each chose a different sea creature and designed these for our wall.

We have been discussing how deep each layer is and learning the scientific names for each layer. Did you know the midnight zone is called the bathypelagic zone?

Check out the photo of our display.

Miss Young.




P7 did an outstanding job of leading the whole school in various outdoor activities today. They worked hard in their groups to develop activities that took into account the abilities of all their fellow pupils from P1-P7. Teamwork was very important and they were able to show and develop their teamwork skills while doing this. They organised and resourced everything perfectly and were very professional running it on the day. Feedback from pupils and staff has been overwhelmingly positive!

Well done all P7s – you were outstanding.

Here are some pictures from today. I’m sure there will be more to follow.

Mr MacDonald

It has been an exciting time in P1 this week.  Leo brought in some dinosaur eggs and we have been watching them hatch throughout the week!  We have learned a new word too – submerged.  Eilidh knew that we had to keep the eggs submerged in water to enable them to hatch.  It has been very exciting keeping track of their progress during the week.


Mrs MacInnes

The P7s have been working hard organising tomorrow’s Outdoor Learning Day. The whole school will be in mixed groups taking part in the interesting activities we have come up with and will run. There will be events such as challenges will loose parts, a shape hunt, yoga and parachute games.

This event will be going ahead whatever the weather so please make sure you come to school properly prepared for a day outside – jacket and sensible shoes are a must!

We hope you will all enjoy tomorrow!



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This week, every class have been focused on a part of The Millbank Way. P6 and p2 were both looking at how we listen to learn. We worked really hard together to design and prepare posters for a presentation at assembly today.

The p6 pupils really enjoyed the responsibility of helping the p2 children.

We presented our finished posters at assembly and a few of the p6 pupils explained how we listen to learn. They said “We listen to our teachers by looking at them and not talking over them so we can learn” and “we listen to our classmates so we can learn from each other”.

The staff and pupils in the Sparkle Class kindly taught us how to use sign language to say “I listen to learn”. We demonstrated this at assembly and everyone in the school gave it a go!

Well done p6 and p2 for working so well together! Here are a few photos showing hardworking pairs.

Miss Young




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