P 4/5 have been learning about how seeds grow. We planted either runner beans or peas in a clear glass jar to see what happened. As they started growing the plants made all these wonderful roots that are at least as big as the plant above it. We have now planted them all in soil and they will be ready to go home soon!

One of those beans didn’t grow so Kayleigh planted another and then the first one suddenly took off and she has two!
Miley’s pea plant looks very healthy.
Andrew’s first pea drowned as it fell into the water but the second one looks very happy.
Tom’s plant hid it’s roots in the middle behind all the tissue.
Poppy’s runner bean has grown huge!
You can clearly see the feeding roots of Jennifer’s bean.
Katie might get to taste some runner beans this summer. This tangle of roots looks very healthy!

Here are all the pictures that were taken at Fairburn. Hope you enjoy them.

P5 loved being little chemists in our ‘Fizz, Boom, Bang’ Generation Science workshop. They explored and learnt about mixtures, solutions, colour changes and chemical reactions through a variety of fun experiments. They also had to make predictions about their investigations and discuss their results. A great morning had by all! Mrs Amos.

P3/4 used natural materials to create pictures and models of our playground trim trail.

Primary 1, Primary 2 and some helpers from Primary 6 spent some time outside today creating many different things with the Loose Parts. We had a huge variety of creations from dens to houses and from computers and televisions to hurdles and beds! We were also lucky enough to have some music while we played when the ukulele group joined us outside.

We are always looking for things to add to our loose parts collection so if you have any old household objects such as pots and pans, telephones, computer keyboards, wooden spoons, trays, large construction blocks, plastic pipes or anything else you feel would be useful please send them in to school where they will be re-used and become part of the marvellous creations the children design.

Mrs MacInnes

Tha a’ ghrian seo a’ cordadh rinn gu mòr ann an GM1-3. Chaidh sinn a-mach an-dè airson ag obair air an uair! Dh’obraich sin air a bhith ag innse an uair!We are loving this weather in GM 1-3. Yesterday we went outside and did some work on time. We worked on creating our own clocks with chalk and twigs then reading the time from it!

Jack and Becky from Generation Science were in school yesterday teaching Primary 1 all about Day and Night. It was a fabulous afternoon and the children learned a huge amount about Planet Earth, the moon and the sun and today they were able to remember lots about what they had learned. Here are a few facts they could recall.

“The moon orbits the earth and the earth orbits the sun.” – Fraser

“The sun has hot spots.” – Adam

“The moon gets its light from sun.” – Amy

“The sun stays in its place.” – Jack

“The earth takes one day to spin around.” – Rosealie

Very well done everyone!

Mrs MacInnes

Primary 1 were delighted to meet Colby and Jack, the robot mice, today. Everybody had a go at coding (programming) to enable them to move around a track and some people went on to design their own track or maze for the mouse to navigate. The discussion and problem solving going on in class was really amazing!

Mrs MacInnes

Primary 1 have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather to do lots of their learning outdoors. They had fun learning about phonics, building with the construction materials and they have also planted some bean seeds. They listened to the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk and have promised not to be as impatient as Jasper whilst they wait for their bean plants to grow!

Mrs MacInnes

P5 decided to take advantage of the lovely spring sunshine this week and enjoyed some measuring for maths outside. We  also went on a spring noun, verb and adjective exploration using the 5 senses for literacy. Mrs Amos


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