P6/7M looked at the art of Chuck Close this week and created their own version of his art. Working together they took responsibility for a section of the picture, decorating it anyway they wanted but making sure they used a combination of light and dark colours to produce the face. We are quite impressed by the way it turned out!

After being successful in their interviews the above pupils were selected to be Millbank’s Technology Team. They will be responsible for promoting internet safety in the school and helping introduce Chromebooks into classrooms.  Their first task is to prepare a presentation for Internet Safety Day for the whole school, which they are all ready in the process of doing. Well done Technology Team/

This morning the boys, girls and Mrs Coutts in GM 1-3 got a big surprise this morning when they came in to find that the ‘Friendy Dragon’ had visited the class last night. The dragon left them some castle toys, a post box and a note explaining to them that he needed their help! They need to help him save Fairyland by reading more fairytales and learning about the magical land! Everyone is very excited about their new project and they are hoping the Friendly Dragon might visit again soon..

Cha robh Clas 1-3 a creidsinn dè bha tachairt an-diugh nuair a ràinig iad an sgoil. Thàinig an Dragon Càirdeil a-steach agus dh’fhag e deideagan agus litir! Dh’iarr e air a chlas air sgeulachdan uair a bha suid a’ leughadh o chionns nach eil an aon àireamh de clann ga leughadh a-nis! Tha an clas toilichte an s a’ cuideachd agus tha iad an duil gun tig e air ais!

Please find information below for a new and exciting opportunity to play netball in Inverness. This club is open to all boys and girls from any school who are in primary 5-7. We are hopeful in starting an after school netball club at Millbank in the future, but for now, Inverness Netball Club are offering training for children whether they have played before or not. The first session is this week!

Nairn Academy has a netball team also so there is the option to progress into playing at secondary school. I am sure the academy would appreciate players joining them in S1 with a bit of experience also.

Best wishes,

Miss Young

Thòisich GM 1&3 a’ coimhead air caistealan an-diugh. Chleachd iad na ‘Chromebooks’ airson dealbhan a’ lorg de caistealan a tha air feadh an t-saoghal. Chunnaic iad tòrr caistealan diofraichte fiù’s fear ann an Iapan!

GM1-3 started looking into castles today. They used the Chromebooks to find castles around the world. They found lots of different looking castles and even came across one in Japan!

Dear Parents/Carers

We are looking for some bits and pieces to use in our nursery garden. If you do have any of the objects below they would be gratefully received!


Old pots/pans/baking trays

Old computer key boards and screens

Old landline and mobile telephones

Old non-working cameras

Old kettles, toasters

Children’s toy tools

Old paint brushes, rollers and paint trays

Unwanted calenders and diaries (the dates don’t matter

Takeaway menus


Thank you so much!

Miss Jones, Miss Gair, Miss Kirk, Mrs Grant, Mrs Pirie and Mrs Parker


For their last meeting the gardening club had fun indoors decorating the pots of some indoor bulbs they planted in the autumn.


P5 enjoyed a Christmas ‘Grinch’ theme day today. They used oil pastels to create an effective Grinch hand on black paper. Then they took part in a STEM design challenge to create their own Grinch sleigh/Mobile. I was impressed to see some of them using their 3D net knowledge from our maths lessons. It was also encouraging to see them collaborating so well together 🙂 Mrs Amos.

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