Thòisich GM1-3 a’ cleachdadh na chromebooks airson dealbhan a dhèanamh. Bha cothrom aca a’ cluich air am pròrgam airson a ‘fàs cleachte ris. Rinn cuid dealbhan air na tha sinn air a bhith ag obair air .. cleasan-teine agus a’ cumail sàbhailte. Dh’ionnsaich sinn tòrr sgillean ùra!

GM1-3 started using the Chromebooks yesterday to create pictures. They worked on lots of skills and are becoming more familiar with the program. Some used what we were working on in class and drew pictures of fireworks and keeping safe. Sgoinneil!

P5 have been learning about shape in maths, they designed a 2D Titanic on paper first and then used Tinkercad design to create 3D images of the Titanic using the chromebooks. Finally they worked in pairs using 3D shape nets to build their own models of the Titanic. They really impressed me with their supportive peer cooperation, Mrs Amos.

This term Primary 1 have enjoyed lots of activities about a favourite story book, “We’re Going on a Bearhunt”. We have retold the story, made a beautiful story map, learned a song about the story, made bear masks, gone on a bear hunt in the school grounds and today we had lots of fun making bear paw cookies. Everyone enjoyed helping to make them and especially enjoyed eating them! Happy holidays to everyone.

Mrs MacInnes

We have been busy this term, weeding, digging up potatoes, making a new rockery, making a seasonal wall display, planting bulbs and seeds and painting the tyres that were kindly donated to us. We also enjoyed the apples from the growing orchard and made apple crumble. The pears will hopefully be ready after the holidays!




P3/4 used the gorgeous autumn weather last week to go outside to learn about data handling. We made tally charts, a line graph and a Carroll diagram.

P6 have had a busy term getting to know each other. We created table names and designed our table posters.

Along with estimation and rounding, we have been learning our times tables facts through maths games and using our chrome books for both writing lessons and research work.

We have also been reading with P3 and exploring the technique of pointillism during our topic work.

After reading Oliver’s Fruit Salad, P3 have been enjoying learning about fruit. 

We looked at all the fruit growing in the school garden and discussed how it grows.

 We also worked hard to make a wonderful fruit salad that we and our parents enjoyed at the Open Afternoon.

We have been working with Mr Cormack and P5 to make our own flash cards. They showed us lots of games we can play with them to help us with our times tables.

P3 have been working on data handling. They have been designing their own surveys and independently carrying out the surveys in other classes. Using this data they have been creating bar graphs. Today they enjoyed working with the P7s and learned how to create bar graphs on the Chromebooks. Thanks P7, you were brilliant!

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