P5 were really engaged and enthusiastic when author Theresa Breslin visited our class to talk about her books. Theresa even commented on how well behaved they were and how well they listened and everyone volunteered to contribute answers and questions during discussion. Well done P5  Mrs Amos

Primary 2 have had a great few weeks back. We have settled into new routines quickly and easily and are already soaking up all the learning. Our topic this term is ‘Under the Sea’. In maths we have been learning about data handling. We had a class survey about our favourite sea creatures, we tally marked the result and created this fab pictogram. We are now moving onto bar graphs!

GM 1-3 were busy this afternoon investigating colours. We undertook the ‘Walking water’ experiment and watched as the colours spread from cup. Children had to predict what would happen and record their findings… Everyone got a surprise! What a fun afternoon, investigating, learning and developing new skills!

It has been a very busy time in Primary 1 since the beginning of term. All the children have settled in so well to their new class and are having lots of fun as they learn new things.

Every morning begins with a “soft start” where the children choose from a wide range of activities. These include literacy, numeracy, fine motor, sensory or construction activities. I have seen so many examples of good sharing, team work, concentration and creativity whilst the children are busy.

In literacy we have been learning about the characters the children will become accustomed to in their reading books. We have also been listening to and retelling stories. All the children love story time! We have also been concentrating on mark making using different materials, both inside and outside.

In numeracy and maths we have been doing lots of counting and exploring ways of making numbers. Comments we have had about numbers include “Two threes make six you know” , “A two and a two and a one makes five” and “I can write four because I am four”.

We have also been finding patterns and creating patterns using a huge variety of materials.

Along with computer buddy time with P7, paired reading with P4/5, painting, colouring, cutting out, exploring the outdoors, going to the gym hall, being in assembly, changing our shoes by ourselves and having lunch in the canteen it has been a very busy few weeks! It has also been a very happy time and it is wonderful to see the children all become more confident in their new surroundings.

Mrs MacInnes

Bha Clas 1 uabhasach trang a’peantadh Elmer an-de.

Tha sinn air a bhith a’ coimhead sna leabhraichean agus a’brudhinn my dheidhinn na dathan àlainn a th’ air. Dh’obraich sinn ri chèile airson dealbh breagha a dhèanah!

Clas 1 were very busy yesterday Elmer. They discussed the different colours on Elmer and worked together to remember the Gaelic words for them. Deagh obair clas a h-aon! Mrs Coutts

Our staff played a fantastic game of netball on Wednesday against a squad of our keen netball players at Millbank. The netball club started up in March and the children have come on so much with their skills on court! We decided as a staff to challenge the team and a great afternoon was had by all.

The match was mostly tied throughout and was certainly an interesting match watched by the rest of the school! Children were supporting teams with banners and posters and enjoyed cheering on their favourite team.

The staff team pulled ahead by 2 points in the last quarter, ending the match 8-6. Thank you so much to all the pupils and staff involved. We are SO proud of our netball squad and all they have achieved this year.

Hope you all have a fantastic summer holidays,

Miss Young

P5 and GM 4-7 had the most amazing day for their beach trip yesterday, we were so lucky with the weather and the children were incredibly well-behaved. It was lovely to see them all happily engaged in their different play activities; some of their beach creative art projects were highly impressive. Thanks to Mr Riley, Mrs E McPherson, Mrs Arnott and the GM 4-7 parent helpers for accompanying us on our trip 🙂 Mrs amos and Mr Kelly.

Hello from Nursery!

We are unbelievably almost at the end of the school year. It seems to have flown past! Our topic for learning over the last few weeks started with our gardening. The discovery of lots of bugs in the garden initiated an interest in minibeasts.  This is a huge topic so we narrowed it down through the use of a graph – the children chose their favourite bug from the choice of bees, butterflies, ladybirds and spiders.  Butterflies were the most popular so we started with them. We looked at the life cycle of the butterfly, discovering how they start as tiny eggs, grow into caterpillars, then emerge from a cocoon. We were all fascinated to learn that butterflies taste with their feet, have wet wings when they emerge from the cocoon, use their antennae as clocks to tell the time and have very, very long tongues to drink nectar. We learnt too that butterflies have very delicate and symmetrical wings. We used this knowledge to create our own symmetrical patterns remembering that symmetrical means the same on both sides.

We read a story called The Caterpillar’s Shoes. We all loved it and we used the story and photos to practise our sequencing skills, retelling the story in our own words.

Ladybirds were our second most popular bug and we have spent some time finding out facts about them. We didn’t realise that they came in so many different colours! Or that the spots faded as the ladybirds got older. We used our creative and technical skills to design bug hotels to invite the ladybirds to stay in the garden.

 We also used the beebot robot to think about direction and programming. We had to figure out where we wanted the beebot to go and then give it instructions. It is quite tricky but we were very impressed by some of the more complex programming.

As well as all the learning about bugs we have had a very busy term with other events and transition to Primary 1. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came along for sports day. We were so lucky to get some sunshine second time round ! Everyone did so well in their races. We would also like to say thank you for coming to the Summer Concert. We were so proud of the children being able to stand on the stage and sing with such enthusiasm!

Throughout this term we have been visiting the big playground and lining up alongside the rest of the school so those children moving up get used to the bigger environment. We have been having some trips to the bigger toilets too – again trying to make sure things are familiar for the soon to be primary ones amongst us.

On Tuesday afternoons we have had visits from Fiona who does Kodaly with the children. Kodaly teaches us about the beat and rhythm in music by using songs and games. Those involved have been really focused in the groups and we have been trying out a few of the games in nursery.

Lastly, for those moving up to Primary one, it has been a pleasure having you in nursery and we look forward to seeing you progressing and developing as you move up though the school. For those returning we look forward to having your company for another year and we will see you on August the 20th!

Have a very lovely summer holiday everyone!


 Mrs Grant. Miss Gair, Mrs Parker, Miss Kirk, Mrs Pirie and Miss Jones

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