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Sparkle class have been learning about the different times of the day. We have been learning about morning, aftenoon and night time.

We have been looking at things that happen at different times of the day.

We decided to go to Inverness on a train to see the christmas lights. We would leave in the morning, and come back in the afternoon.

After going to the station last week to find out the train times we were ready at 12 o’clock to get on a train to Inverness.

Our trip was really successful.

We saw Christmas decorations and had our lunch at McDonalds. We enjoyed getting a balloon in Mcdonalds and afterwards we listened to a street musician and we even joined in playing on the guitar.

One of us also used the escalators and the lift three times and we all enjoyed looking at the Christmas shop what a lovely day we had in Inverness.

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Today we picked up a very big cheque.

Customers of the King Street Co op raised over £4500 to put towards equipment for a sensory room.

Along with three other groups we went to collect the cheque on Saturday.

There was even cake to celebrate.

Thank you to everybody who contributed.

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Rainbow class and teacher Gill again invited Sparkle class to spend a Friday afternoon creatively baking.

Earlier we had painted some special heart shaped boxes, and we then decorated some cakes to put inside the boxes.

Lots of thought went into what ingredients to add to our cakes, and what decorations to add onto our boxes.

Everybody enjoyed working together, and we all enjoyed the pizza at the end of the afternoon.


Lots of great communication going on between the children in Rainbow and Sparkle class.

Sparkle class are learning about space. We are building something that could take us to the moon.

Can you guess what it is?

Here is a picture clue.

This next picture might look like a hat but it’s actually the top of our model.

Does this give you another clue?

Our last clue…. 5…. 4…. 3….. 2…… 1…. BlastOff!

Why not tell us what your guess is? or SCROLL DOWN for the answer
















Answer : It’s a rocket!

Today Rainbow class invited Sparkle class over to help make teddy bear biscuits.

The whole school came to school dressed in their pajamas because it was Children In Need.

We also bought in our teddies, and laid them out in a HUGE Pudsey Bear in the open area.

We enjoyed adding our teddies (and a few extra from Sparkle Class) to Pudsey’s right ear.

Take a look at the video to see what we got up to.

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Rainbow class have been busy learning about night time and space.

Here is some of their lovely art work.


Sparkle Class were very lucky to be visited by an S5 pupil from Forres Academy today.

Mr Crammond used to be Fraser’s teacher and invited him back to Millbank Primary School to celebrate his achievements and to act as an inspiration to the children.

Today’s assembly was all about achievement, and Fraser was able to share his skills and talents with the school.

As well as spending the day with the children from Sparkle Class, helping them with their swimming session, demonstrating his Martial Art skills, and talking about what it is like to go to the academy – Fraser had lunch in the staff room, and introduced himself to all the teachers in the school.

You can see a video showing some of the highlights of Fraser’s day here.

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Everybody was impressed with Fraser’s confidence, manners and social skills.

P3 have been learning a dance routine.

They are being taught by a pupil from Nairn academy. Each week they learn a new part, practice it, and then put it into the whole routine.

Think the “Show Dance” on Strictly Come Dancing, and you have a good idea of just how brilliant the children are.

Don’t take my word for it, why not watch them on this video

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