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This morning, GM 2-3 and Primary 3 showed off their impressive dancing skills! They have been learning the Canadian barn dance and Strip the Willow for their Christmas parties.

Everyone had great fun and Miss Walker, Mrs Coutts and Mrs Smith were very impressed when they even managed the progressive Canadian barn dance!! Well done to you all, we are very excited for your party!

Gach madainn, bidh clas 1 a’ brosnachadh diofar sgillean leis a bhith a’ cluich agus ag obair còmhla. Dh’ obraich iad air a bhith a gabhail cothroman agus ag obair ri chèile.

Each morning, GM1 work on various skills when having ‘soft start’. This morning they showed great co-operation skills, taking turns and working together when playing various games. All of these are very important in class! Fìor mhath clàs 1. Well done GM1.

We have been creating pieces of art to represent the different types of celebrations and festivals there are.

Last week P5 were fortunate enough to receive a visit from the ‘Slug’ drama workshop.  The children loved all the different role play scenarios and using mime to act out their scenes. They all worked fantastically in cooperation with one another and really enjoyed their time. Many thanks to Jen, Kat and Sophie for running the workshop. Mrs Amos.

P6 had a great time preparing for and helping at the Xmas Extravaganza. We had been very busy in class creating our products to sell, looking at our costs, agreeing what to charge, working out how much profit we would hopefully make and discussing how to provide our customers with great service . We had a very successful night and are now going to decide as a class what to spend our profits on. We would like to say a big thank you to all our customers.

Last week the children from Sparkle class went for a walk to the monument to look at the poppy wreaths which were laid on Remembrance Sunday. We then came back to school to make our own poppies.

We have had a busy start to the new term. At Halloween, we looked at instructional writing creating our own potions. We then went outside and experimented with ingredients to make our own potent potion.

Firework activities included writing a newspaper report on the types of incidents that may occur on Bonfire Night and we then painted fireworks and added glitter for some extra sparkle!

This week we have reflected on In Flanders Fields by John McCrae and composed our own poetry focusing on remembrance.

We have also been planning, costing and designing our products for the Christmas Extravaganza next week – be sure to visit our stall!!

Primary 1 had a busy time today getting ready for the Christmas Fayre. The children are working on their enterprise project, the Primary 1 Bright Sparks. The Bright Sparks are making beautiful bottle lamps to sell at the Fayre and spent some time today making posters to advertise their lamps. Three groups of children also had time to assemble some of the lamps. This involves choosing a bottle, carefully feeding the LED lights into the bottle, threading a bell onto a gift label and tying on a bag of spare batteries. Lots of fine motor skills in evidence! The lamps will be on sale at the Fayre on Wednesday 20th November and cost £7 each. Any profit that is made will be used to buy a sturdy puppet theatre for the class and hopefully we will also make enough money to buy some construction material too.

Thòisich GM1-3 a’ cleachdadh na chromebooks airson dealbhan a dhèanamh. Bha cothrom aca a’ cluich air am pròrgam airson a ‘fàs cleachte ris. Rinn cuid dealbhan air na tha sinn air a bhith ag obair air .. cleasan-teine agus a’ cumail sàbhailte. Dh’ionnsaich sinn tòrr sgillean ùra!

GM1-3 started using the Chromebooks yesterday to create pictures. They worked on lots of skills and are becoming more familiar with the program. Some used what we were working on in class and drew pictures of fireworks and keeping safe. Sgoinneil!

P5 have been learning about shape in maths, they designed a 2D Titanic on paper first and then used Tinkercad design to create 3D images of the Titanic using the chromebooks. Finally they worked in pairs using 3D shape nets to build their own models of the Titanic. They really impressed me with their supportive peer cooperation, Mrs Amos.

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