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P5 had an active maths day where they really enjoyed trying out their maths games they made, I was so impressed by the standard of their work and the ideas they came up with. They were also engrossed in doing budgeting and comparing popular retailer costs using Chromebooks to plan the best deals for buying Christmas presents for someone they care about. Mrs Amos.

Once again it has been a very busy time in Primary 1.  Miss Garrow read the story of “One Button Benny” from the P1 Bookbug Bag and the children used the loose parts in the playground to create their own robots.  We were so impressed by their creativity!  They also wrote stories about “My Robot’s Adventure” and we were just blown away by the imaginative stories they created.  We heard sentences like these:

“John the robot has a very special green button that turns him into a spiky ball.”

“My robot is going to get lightning on him to stop him getting chomped by a crocodile!”

“When you press his emergency button he zooms into space, makes bubbles and shoots lasers.”

Super work once again P1 – very well done!

Mrs MacInnes and Miss Garrow


P2/3 have been learning about Advent this week and enjoyed creating their own calendar.  When it comes to their day in December they will get a treat and a compliment thoughtfully written by another child in the class.  December is here!

P5 were using the High5 eatwell guide to learn about healthy food choices. They used active learning to find out about the different food groups and their health benefits, they enjoyed using Post-Its to map their regular food choices to the correct food group.  Then they created their own Eatwell Plate using cut out paper plates. Mrs Amos.

On Tuesday the P7s from P6/7m went on a trip to visit Skills Development Scotland. They took part in two workshops, one about 3D drawing & printing and another about coding a hand held games console. They looked at the real world applications of these and the jobs that would use the skills they developed. Here are some photos


On a lovely Autumn afternoon, P5 took the opportunity to listen to tree stories under the Conker Tree in the outdoor classroom.  They also gathered some natural materials from outdoors and created some fantastic Autumnnal pictures.

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Our current topic in P6 is called ‘world of work’. We have been discussing lots of career options and the skills we would need to succeed in various jobs across the world.

Today, we had the chance to be surgeons. We decided our patient was an 84-year-old man who we were fixing up after heart surgery. We had to work under pressure to close the ‘wound’ using stitches. We kept an eye on our patient’s heartrate on the whiteboard. The children did a fantastic job, doing chest compressions when our patient’s heart stopped. We successfully stitched our patient back together and discussed what it must be like to be a real surgeon.

Here are a few quotes from pupils about being a surgeon….

” It is stressful”

“There is a lot of pressure”

“It is risky”

P6 felt that you must be a fast thinker and a courageous person to be a surgeon! We also agreed you would need steady hands to be good at the job.

Here we are in action. Click on a photo to see a slideshow of our lesson…


Please submit your application by Wednesday 28th November

Please use the Google form link below to fill out the Digital Leader application form.

Successful applicants will be invited for an interview and information about this will be provided before hand.

This is an exciting role that will enable you to help develop how we use ICT in school and educating teachers, parents and fellow pupils about it. You will be responsible for awareness of e-safety in school, discovering new apps and creating guides for them

It will also involve lots of hard work so only apply if you are committed to helping out.

Good luck!

Mr MacDonald

Application form;  https://goo.gl/forms/yrjZg65c1wlgF9s93



P5 look like they were having lots of fun learning new dance moves and routines with Dionne. Everyone did really well and put in lots of effort! Mrs Amos.

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