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Hello from Nursery!

Over the last month or so we have been very busy in a jungle world. If you have been into the nursery you may well have seen snakes hanging from vines and been spied on through binoculars or met by an animal or two.

With the jungle as our background we have been doing a wide variety of learning;

We have been using our imaginations and props to make up our own jungle stories, sometimes by ourselves and sometimes with friends.

We have been practising our sorting, sequencing and pattern making skills with a range of different types and colours of animals.

We have been using books, technology and a visiting parent (Thank you Helen McIvor!) to discover more about elephants and some of their amazing abilities.

We have been leading play, cooperating and negotiating within play and sharing resources within our jungle house.

Our physical skills have been put to the test through animal movements in gym and in the garden.

We have been solving problems and using our creativity to make music shakers out of junk and pasta. It was quite a challenge to make sure the shakers were strong enough not to lose the contents while dancing.

We have been listening to stories about Elmer the patchwork elephant and then using our creativity to make our own Elmer models or pictures with different materials.

We have been working on our scissor skills, cutting snakes into spirals or snipping at shapes. Our fine motor skills have also been strengthened through use of playdough, tweezers and screw top lids.



Also a wee reminder to all that this term is a very busy term with transition and Safe, Strong and Free. The remaining dates are listed below.





Monday 11th March 9:30am

Monday 25th March 9:30am

Gaelic Medium Transition:

Friday 1st March 9:30am

Friday 15th March 9:30am

Friday 29th March 9:30am

Safe, Strong and Free:

Monday 4th March 11-11:45am or 12:15-1pm

Monday 11th March 11-11:45am or 12:15-1pm



Miss Jones, Miss Kirk, Miss Gair, Mrs Grant, Mrs Pirie and Mrs Parker


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In P2 we have been thinking about all the different ways we can be a good friend and all the different ways we see other pupils being a good friend.

Our fun activity had us put on our paint shirts with a piece of paper taped to our back. We all got to pick a coloured pen and danced around our classroom. When the music stopped we wrote a word on the paper on someone’s back.  We chose words that describe how that person is as a friend and a classmate, and the exciting part is that we couldn’t read what was on our paper until the very end.

We had lots of smiles when we read our sheets of paper!

It is good to know that people see us being kind and being a good friend.

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P6 took advantage of the lovely weather today and brought our library books outside this afternoon. We enjoyed finding a comfy spot and relaxing under the trees, on the logs, at the picnic benches and along the trim trail with a good book.

Miss Young


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Primary 1 have had a busy week learning about the stories of Hamish McHaggis.  He travels around Scotland in a Whirry Bang, a wonderful little vehicle that can fly!  The children drew some Whirry Bangs and spent some time creating their version using construction materials.  They listened to the story of Hamish McHaggis and the Search for the Loch Ness Monster and then created some monster shapes in the playground using chalk.  They had to estimate which was the longest one and then they were helped by some friends from GM3 to measure their monsters in metres.  The longest Nessie was created by J-J, Archie, Haylee and Grace and measured a fantastic 11 metres long! Well done everyone and thank you Esther, Elena and Kirsty for showing the Primary 1 children how to measure their monsters.

Mrs MacInnes

Following on from last week’s very interesting assembly about internet safety which the Technology Team delivered so well, Primary 1 have been learning more about keeping safe whilst they are online.  Today they learned a song which gives very good advice about asking a grown up for help.  Here is a video of Primary 1 singing their Internet safety song

Mrs MacInnes

We had a fantastic day on Wednesday last week where we spent time doing different types of unstructured play across different areas of the school. The children played in mixed groups of p1-7 and it was fantastic to see some of the older children engaging with younger pupils and taking the time to play with them too.

Teachers and support staff also enjoyed having the chance to be creative/play games with the children also.

We didn’t manage to take many photos as we were so busy having fun playing, but here are some photos we did take during Global Day of Play 2019!


Primary 1 went out this morning to collect some icy snow and put it in jars.  They then wrapped one of the jars in cotton wool and guessed which jar of snow would melt first.  Seventeen people thought the snowman jar wrapped in cotton wool would melt first because “we get warm when we put our coats on”.  Throughout the day we kept checking to see what was happening.  At break time the uncovered snowman had melted a lot and the covered one was still very icy.  After lunch the uncovered snowman had completely melted but the covered one was still quite a large icy block.  We checked for the final time at 3 o’clock and much to everyone’s amazement the covered snowman jar still had some ice inside it!  The jar was very cold and even the cotton wool felt cold. There was a lot of talking about insulation to keep things cold or warm.  Hopefully everyone will stay warm at the weekend and enjoy what is left of the snow.

Mrs MacInnes

Primary 1 took advantage of the snow this morning and went outside with their P6/7 buddies to have a go at building snowmen.  Unfortunately the snow wasn’t really suitable for snowman building but there was lots of creativity shown and a variety of snow sculptures started to appear.  We had a tiny snowman and his little snow house and a snow plesiosauraus amongst other things!  It is always fun to work together outside, especially when the sun is shining.

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