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Primary 6 have been focused on using adjectives this week to help improve our writing. We had the chance to go outside to explore the garden and find objects to describe with our partners. We found some fantastic objects like conkers, feathers, flowers and even a nest with some interesting eggs! We were lucky enough to find some insects and bugs, like earwigs and ladybugs to describe too.


Miss Young

Schools back, Active Schools sessions are (nearly) back!
Autumn Term primary programme runs 03Sep
– 12Oct:

Rosebank: Junior Athletics P1-P3, 3-4pm. £10 for block
Rosebank: Street Dance P1-P3, 4.15-5pm. FREE
Millbank: Multi Sports P1-P3, 3-4pm. £10 for block

Rosebank: Dodgeball P4-P7, 3-4pm. £10 for block
Millbank: Junior Athletics P1-P3, 3-4pm. £10 for block
Nairn Academy: Badminton P1-P7, 6.45-7.30pm. £10 for block

Rosebank: NEW Ross County Football Club Soccer Centre
P1-P3, 3-4pm. FREE
P4-P5, 4-5pm. FREE
P6-P7, 5-6pm. FREE
Millbank: Dodgeball P4-P7, 3-4pm. £12 for block 

Rosebank: Basketball P4-P7, 3-4pm. £12 for block

To register, please complete and return attached consent form to andrea.mackenzie@highlifehighland.com. First come first serve. All sessions in Nairn are open to pupils from Rosebank and Millbank (understandable for participants from other schools to arrive late to 3pm sessions). Please pay coach for entire block at first session.
* Rosebank Gymnastics will resume later this term – watch this space for updates.

Active schools consent form

We waited until it was sunny on Friday before taking the butterfly habitat out to the garden. The children decided that the best place to release the butterflies was beside the beautiful pallet garden that Mrs MacPhail and the Gardening Club have been busy creating because it contains so many lovely flowers. We opened the habitat and watched and waited to see what happened. The first butterfly flew out very quickly and fluttered away towards the field. The other four butterflies took quite a bit longer to leave the habitat and two of them stayed at the pallet garden for a few minutes which was lovely because we all got to see them really clearly. Eventually they all flew away. We are sad to see them go but so happy that they all emerged safely from their chrysalides and were able to fly away to enjoy exploring the flowers and trees around our school 🦋😃

Today butterfly number 5 emerged and the children have spent the day watching all 5 feed on the nectar we are putting in the habitat.

The butterflies are really beautiful and we hope to release them on Friday!

Today was so very exciting in P1. We all arrived at school this morning to discover that 3 of our 5 butterflies had emerged from their chrysalides.

Then, this afternoon a 4th butterfly emerged while the children were in class!

You can just imagine the excitement!

Now we are waiting for the 5th butterfly to emerge.

We will look after our butterflies for a few days and make sure they have enough nectar to feed on and we will then release the butterflies at the end of the week.

Thanks to a very generous donation we are lucky enough to have a Music Therapy specialist join Sparkle and Rainbow class every Friday for some glorious music sessions.

These sessions are truly inspirational and it is hard to put into words just what the children get from this so we have made a short video to show you what happens during our lessons.

Can’t see the video? Click here…

Sparkle class have been learning about being healthy and growing.

We are learning about what things we can do that are healthy.

Today we took a look inside our bodies and saw some bones.

Finlay then made his own X-Ray of his hands.

Did you know there are 27 bones in each hand?  And over 50 in each foot!?

Sparkle class are learning about how animals change as they grow.

We’ve learned about caterpillars changing into butterflies and how tadpoles change into frogs.

Taking part in the daffodil tea Sparkle class made some Easter bonnets. On one side of our hats there was a caterpillar and on the other a beautiful butterfly.

Which one is your favourite?

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