Hello, Miss Douglas here! I have really enjoyed my first 4 weeks in P1/2. We have been very busy and I hope everybody has had lots of fun!

In numeracy, the children have been practising their measuring skills. For volume, Miss Douglas put some rice in the tuff tray for the children to fill things up with, which proved extremely popular. For length we managed to go outside one day to measure different things in the playground including the length of the field using the trundle wheels.

For our literacy lessons, the children have been working on using capital letters and full stops in the correct places in their sentences, as well as learning new sounds and trying to use describing words in their writing.

The Katie Morag class topic has given the children the opportunity to practise basic map reading skills, as well as producing beautiful pieces of artwork such as their paper weave kilts.

I am really going to miss everyone over the holidays, but don’t worry as I will be back on the first day of next term for six whole weeks.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable and restful holiday!

Miss Douglas

Capacity tuff tray

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