Abair seachdainean spòrsail a tha air a bhith againn mar chlas! Tapadh leibh gu mòr clas 4 gu 7 airson a bhith cho còir, coibhneil agus cuideachail sa chlas agam! Tha e a’ còrdadh rium glan a bhith gur theagasg! Tha deagh Ghàidhlig agaibh uile agus cùm oirbh ga chleachdadh! What a fun few weeks we have had! Thank you very much primary 4 to 7 for being so kind, caring and helpful in my class. I’m really enjoying teaching you all. We have very been busy with art projects, mental maths targets, Gaelic reading, Gaelic conversations, our daily mile and outdoor learning lessons! Well done to our start writers, star Gaelic speakers and dojo winners this week! You are all working so hard! Sin sibh fhèin! 👍

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