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It’s the end of another very busy term here at Millbank Nursery.  Our current learning topic is focused around planting and growing. This stemmed from our attempts to re-organise the garden and move some of our plants. We had some very enthusiastic diggers and planters. We also had some very happy bug hunters… worms, millipedes, ladybirds, slugs, woodlice and caterpillars all turned up in the course of our labours.

As well as moving the bulbs, we have planted a variety of bee friendly flowers and some carrots and potatoes. Hopefully after the holidays we will see wee shoots appearing and at some point be able to taste the produce. We have used cress as an experiment to see exactly what plants need to grow. We have planted cress with and without watering it. We gave some cress sunlight and hid another pot in a dark cupboard. The children predicted what they thought would happen and we will discuss what actually has happened. All this has given plenty opportunity to talk about the different parts of the plant – the root, the stem or stalk, the leaves, the petals and the flower.

We have been looking at where our food grows before we buy it from the shops. We have discovered which fruits and vegetables grow in the ground, which grow on trees and what we will find on bushes, vines and plants.

As part of the conversation around fruit and vegetables we had fruit tasting sessions and made our own vegetable soup. We tried coconut, dates, grapefruit, kiwi, watermelon, pineapple and pomegranate.  We used lots of big descriptive words to talk about how we found the experience – “juicy, tasty, icy, yummy, nice, watery, fruity.” We made a bar chart to show our favourites – watermelon was very definitely the most popular. When making the soup we had to use sharp knives to cut the onions, potatoes, carrots and turnip.  We learnt to be very careful and keep ourselves – and our fingers – safe! The soup was a big hit; even those who weren’t originally sure they liked it had second helpings!

Claws, the Nursery bear who went into hibernation before Christmas was tempted out by the brief glimpse of warmer drier weather. We had a small teddy bears picnic to celebrate his awakening. We did a bit of baking to help with this celebration which was an excellent opportunity to get involved with numeracy. We followed the recipe step by step, measured out the ingredients using scales and took turns with the stirring, mixing, kneading, rolling and cutting out and icing the biscuits.

Our Nursery parents evening is on Thursday the 25th of April. Appointment times will be handed out over the next few days and at the beginning of next term.

We hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday and we look forward to seeing you when we come back on Tuesday the 23rd of April.


Miss Kirk, Miss Jones, Miss Gair, Mrs Parker, Mrs Grant and Mrs Pirie.

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