Hello from Mrs Thomson. It is so great to be with Primary 2/3 as their class teacher on a Friday.  We have been very busy since the start of term getting to know each other better and working on our health and wellbeing superhero topic amongst other things.   

We have spent some time exploring what it takes to be a superhero and enjoyed talking about our personal Lockdown Heroes and why they are important to us. We then linked this to lots of stories about being brave, confident, kind and helpful.  We really enjoyed the story The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright and Jim Field and especially liked the idea that everyone could  have a Mouse and a Lion inside ourselves.  We agreed that we all have times when we are quiet and times when we like to ROAR!

We liked the story so much that the following Friday we borrowed The Koala who Could from Mrs MacInnes, a story from the same author and illustrator, about a Koala who was a little bit nervous when faced with something new. We discovered that we all felt a little nervous about coming back to school and not knowing what it would be like, even Mrs Thomson!

Last Friday we finished our Superhero masks which helped us get into character and to think like a Superhero. While we all wished we could have the power of invisibility or lightning speed we are going to concentrate for the moment on being brave and kind and helpful.

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