P2/3 tried lots of different maths during maths week last week. We looked at patterns and symmetry, had a go at the robotic mice, some maths board games as well as games on the smartboard and chromebooks. We also practiced lots of numbers and did a some problem solving.

During this term we have been focusing on our wellbeing so have been busy in the garden, connecting with nature and exploring what we can find there. We have collected an incredible amount of conkers, tasted apples, pears, strawberries, kale and different colours of lettuce that we grew ourselves. We have also potted out some of our tiny plants that we grew from seed and made a new flower bed that will attract lots of insects next summer! We have been collecting things with an autumn them as well and have an autumn table in the class. All the classes got a set of PE equipment to keep in class that we have taken out to practice ball skills and just to play with if the weather is nice. We go out every day too if weather allows for our daily mile. I think after all this work we all need our holidays but I look forward to lots more fun when we get back! Enjoy your October break everyone😁

A complicated track for the robotic mouse.
Robo mouse tig!
Patterns and symmetry.
Exploring symmetry in nature.
Board games.
Maths games on the Chromebooks.
And on the smartboard.
Our autumn table.
Rocco’s leaf rubbings look like a forest!
More leaf rubbings.
Exploring the colour and pattern of our feelings.
They are angry!
Some finished feelings.
Trying out the obstacle course made by Amy.
And the parachute.
Practicing ball skills.

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