We have had a busy first few weeks in P5, getting used to the new routines and being back at school.

Our numeracy focus has been refreshing our mental addition skills, such as bridging and compensating, and our formal column addition. We will cover subtraction, multiplication and division strategies over the next few weeks so we have secure foundations to build on. We have also been looking at different problem solving strategies, starting with drawing a diagram, and using grid references and coordinates.

In literacy we have been getting used to our new books, revising some of our grammar (parts of speech), brushing up on our comprehension skills as well as assessing our spelling. We have started writing a diary story about being a passenger on the Titanic which we will complete over the next couple of weeks and focus on imagery in our writing.

In health and wellbeing we have been doing our daily mile each day. We are doing laps around the field and recording how many we do to create a target to try and beat next time. Most people are working really hard to try and beat their targets! We have been outside a lot for PE and have been playing team games such as rounders and football to help us with our throwing, catching and kicking skills as well as working as part of a team and doing our part. Another important thing we have been looking at is the 5 cog model to help us understand emotions and regulation strategies. We will be continuing this throughout the term.

After a class suggestions and vote we have decided to do some IDL around the Titanic. We have enjoyed learning about the ship and creating a timeline of the events as well as creating some perspective art of the ship. The highlight though has been learning about buoyancy and density and having a friendly competition to create a hull shape from foil that was sturdy and displaced a large amount of water. We then tested the designs by adding weights until they sunk. The record was 600g. We had great fun!

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