All the children in P1 have settled in so well to their busy days at school and are having lots of fun whilst they learn. Here is a selection of some of the things we have been busy at over the last few weeks.

Learning about maths is so much fun and every day the children are impressing the adults with what they are discovering. By playing with different objects they are finding ways to forming numbers, sorting numbers, independently discovering how to add numbers together and finding patterns. They have also been investigating how long or how tall some of their constructions are, managing to build a tower of straws which was taller than Mrs MacInnes!

In literacy the children have started learning their phonics and have been having fun forming the letters in a variety of different ways and using a huge range of materials such as chalk, stickers, glue and string, sequins, sticks, stones and even their own bodies!

Some people have loved the chance to be the teacher too…

In Health and Wellbeing we have been learning about different emotions and how they make us feel. We have listened to lots of stories and have been thinking about the different ways we feel when we are happy, worried, nervous, angry, scared, sad or excited. One thing that makes everyone very happy is to spend time playing with their friends. Being in P1 really is such an exciting time!

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