It has been a very busy time in Primary 1 since the beginning of term. All the children have settled in so well to their new class and are having lots of fun as they learn new things.

Every morning begins with a “soft start” where the children choose from a wide range of activities. These include literacy, numeracy, fine motor, sensory or construction activities. I have seen so many examples of good sharing, team work, concentration and creativity whilst the children are busy.

In literacy we have been learning about the characters the children will become accustomed to in their reading books. We have also been listening to and retelling stories. All the children love story time! We have also been concentrating on mark making using different materials, both inside and outside.

In numeracy and maths we have been doing lots of counting and exploring ways of making numbers. Comments we have had about numbers include “Two threes make six you know” , “A two and a two and a one makes five” and “I can write four because I am four”.

We have also been finding patterns and creating patterns using a huge variety of materials.

Along with computer buddy time with P7, paired reading with P4/5, painting, colouring, cutting out, exploring the outdoors, going to the gym hall, being in assembly, changing our shoes by ourselves and having lunch in the canteen it has been a very busy few weeks! It has also been a very happy time and it is wonderful to see the children all become more confident in their new surroundings.

Mrs MacInnes

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