Management Team

  • Head Teacher Mrs M McPherson
  • Depute Head Teacher Mrs P Thomson
  • Principal Teacher Mrs A Forsyth
  • Principal Teacher Mrs A MacInnes
  • Principal Teacher Mrs G Laws

Classes and Class Teachers

  • P1 Mrs A MacInnes
  • P1/2 Miss E Russell
  • P2/3 Miss A Walker/Mrs H McLean
  • P3 Mrs G Robertson
  • P4 Mrs S Pilkington
  • P4/5 Mrs C Amos
  • P5/6 Miss M Martin
  • P6  Mrs Wood
  • P7 Mr MacDonald
  • GM 1-3 Miss M MacKinnon
  • GM 4-7 Mr E Kelly
  • Rainbow class Miss M Gray
  • Sparkle class Mr P Crammond
  • Support for Learning Teachers Mrs G Laws & Mrs C MacLaren

Pupil Support Assistants

Pupil Support Assistants (PSAs)  are employed in the school to help in the education of our pupils. They work alongside class teachers; sometimes with the whole class, sometimes with groups and sometimes with individuals. They offer support to children of all abilities:

Mrs M. Arnott, Mrs J. Austin, Mrs J. Bell, Mrs L. Boyle, Mrs S. Calder, Mrs J. Carroll, Mrs C. Close, Miss T. Delaney, Mrs B. Fraser, Mrs M. Gulland, Mrs E. McPherson, Mrs C. Moore, Mrs A. Munro, Mrs C. Pattie, Mrs J. Stewart, Mrs D. Walker, Mrs S. Wescott, Mrs M. Wetton.

Nursery Staff – Early Years Practitioners 

  • Mrs C. Grant, Mrs M. Parker, Mrs A. Pirie, Miss J. Gair.

Clerical Staff

  • Mrs J. Gibson
  • Mrs S. McPhail

Facilities Management Assistant

  • Mr M Lee

Children’s Service Worker

  • Ms. J. MacKee

Active Schools Co-ordinator

  • Mr. G. Campbell

Haven Staff

  • Mrs A. Forsyth (Teacher),
  • Mrs J. Austin, Mrs D. Walker (PSAs)
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