Management Team

  • Head Teacher Mrs M McPherson
  • Depute Head Teacher Mrs P Thomson
  • Principal Teacher Mrs A MacInnes
  • Principal Teacher Mrs G Laws

Classes and Class Teachers

  • P1 Mrs A MacInnes
  • P1/2 Miss K Laing
  • P2/3 Mrs H McLean and Mrs P Thomson
  • P3/4 Mrs G Robertson
  • P4 Mrs D Wood
  • P5 Mr E MacDonald
  • P5/6 Miss A Walker
  • P6/7  Mrs C Amos
  • P7 Mr P Anderson
  • GM 1-3 Miss E McArthur
  • GM 4-7 Mrs I MacKenzie
  • Rainbow and Sparkle classes Mrs G Jacques and Mrs J Morrison
  • Support for Learning Teachers Mrs G Laws and Miss M Gray
  • CCR Teacher Mrs S Pilkington

Pupil Support Assistants

Pupil Support Assistants (PSAs)  are employed in the school to help in the education of our pupils. They work alongside class teachers; sometimes with the whole class, sometimes with groups and sometimes with individuals. They offer support to children of all abilities:

Mrs A Anderson, Mrs M Arnott, Mrs J Austin, Mrs L Boyle, Miss H Cameron, Mrs J Carroll, Mrs C Close, Mrs A Farrar, Mrs B Fraser, Mrs F Henderson, Mrs J Hoath, Mrs K MacLeod, Mrs A Munro, Mrs A Ross, Mrs N Smith, Mrs T Tough, Mrs D Walker, Mrs S Wescott.

Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) Staff

Excellence and Equity Lead
  • Vacancy
-Early Years Practitioners
  • Mrs C Grant,  Mrs J Grant, Mrs M Parker.

Clerical Staff

  • Mrs J Gibson
  • Mrs S McPhail
  • Mrs D Barclay

Facilities Management Assistant

  • Mr A Green

Children’s Service Worker

  • Ms. J MacKee

Active Schools Co-ordinator

  •  Andrea MacKenzie
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