Primary 1 went out this morning to collect some icy snow and put it in jars.  They then wrapped one of the jars in cotton wool and guessed which jar of snow would melt first.  Seventeen people thought the snowman jar wrapped in cotton wool would melt first because “we get warm when we put our coats on”.  Throughout the day we kept checking to see what was happening.  At break time the uncovered snowman had melted a lot and the covered one was still very icy.  After lunch the uncovered snowman had completely melted but the covered one was still quite a large icy block.  We checked for the final time at 3 o’clock and much to everyone’s amazement the covered snowman jar still had some ice inside it!  The jar was very cold and even the cotton wool felt cold. There was a lot of talking about insulation to keep things cold or warm.  Hopefully everyone will stay warm at the weekend and enjoy what is left of the snow.

Mrs MacInnes

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