This morning the boys, girls and Mrs Coutts in GM 1-3 got a big surprise this morning when they came in to find that the ‘Friendy Dragon’ had visited the class last night. The dragon left them some castle toys, a post box and a note explaining to them that he needed their help! They need to help him save Fairyland by reading more fairytales and learning about the magical land! Everyone is very excited about their new project and they are hoping the Friendly Dragon might visit again soon..

Cha robh Clas 1-3 a creidsinn dè bha tachairt an-diugh nuair a ràinig iad an sgoil. Thàinig an Dragon Càirdeil a-steach agus dh’fhag e deideagan agus litir! Dh’iarr e air a chlas air sgeulachdan uair a bha suid a’ leughadh o chionns nach eil an aon àireamh de clann ga leughadh a-nis! Tha an clas toilichte an s a’ cuideachd agus tha iad an duil gun tig e air ais!

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