Mrs Amos

A variety of photos from learning activities this term. Maths and spelling games, Remembrance, St Andrew’s Day Scottish art and IDL.

P6/7 had a fun time at their party last Friday. We played a Christmas kahoot quiz, pass the parcel with funny forfeits that the children helped to make up, enjoyed some party snacks and then went to the hall for some dancing and more party games 🙂

P6/7 have been busy taking advantage of the good weather by doing their daily mile each day for health and well-being.  The P7s have also been trialling their organisation for outdoor learning day with the P6s. The class have also been doing various number revision  activities in their maths stations using chromebooks, multiplication loop cards,  multiplication  Smartboard games and textbook work to consolidate and show evidence of their learning. For IDL, they enjoyed creating some propaganda posters and painting WW1 soldier pictures focusing on colour, tone, mixing, blending and shading. Once again, I am very impressed with their mature and responsible attitude to all aspects of school life. Mrs Amos

P6/7 have been very busy making dreamcatchers for their ‘Hopes and Dreams’ during the school year display, as part of Health and Wellbeing.  They have also been learning about WW1 and enjoyed making model tanks from cardboard. I have been very impressed in general with how responsible, kind and helpful all the boys and girls have been, and the amount of effort the class have been putting into everything. They have settled in so well with all the new rules and routines and are a very willing and supportive class.  I’m so proud of them all. Mrs Amos.

P5 were working cooperatively with Gm 4-7 to build electric circuits, they learnt about series and parallel circuits and had lots of fun making things fly, beep, flash and move. Mr. Kelly’s class were very helpful and supportive. Tapadh leibh gu clas 4-7. Mrs Amos.

P5 worked really hard in their groups and pairs to learn Scots language. They took part in a variety of activity stations, including ‘Scots Hoose’ website games, matching cards/pairs, reading children’s stories (written in Scots) aloud to each other, highlighting Scots words in poetry and trying to create their own sentences about an animal in Scots. They followed up the activities by writing a short poem in Scots. I was very impressed with their work. Mrs Amos.

P5 had lots of fun at their Christmas party; I was very impressed by their dancing. I saw a few unique moves pulled on the dance floor too… 🙂 All the P5 classes partied really well together as one big team 🙂 Mrs Amos.

Last week P5 were fortunate enough to receive a visit from the ‘Slug’ drama workshop.  The children loved all the different role play scenarios and using mime to act out their scenes. They all worked fantastically in cooperation with one another and really enjoyed their time. Many thanks to Jen, Kat and Sophie for running the workshop. Mrs Amos.

P5 have been learning about shape in maths, they designed a 2D Titanic on paper first and then used Tinkercad design to create 3D images of the Titanic using the chromebooks. Finally they worked in pairs using 3D shape nets to build their own models of the Titanic. They really impressed me with their supportive peer cooperation, Mrs Amos.

P5 were really engaged and enthusiastic when author Theresa Breslin visited our class to talk about her books. Theresa even commented on how well behaved they were and how well they listened and everyone volunteered to contribute answers and questions during discussion. Well done P5  Mrs Amos

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