It has been a busy few weeks in P5.

In literacy we have continued to look at the parts of speech as well as looking at using similes in our writing. We created some fantastic emotion riddles that described the body sensations and behaviors as we experience fear.

In numeracy we have continued to brush up on our addition and subtraction skills, as well as look at place value and rounding. We will be moving on to multiplication later in the week.

We have continued to work through the emotion works program in our health and wellbeing lessons and have been focusing on looking at body sensations and the behaviors that we experience with emotions.

We have also attempted to make clay models of the Titanic which we will paint later in the week. Here are some pictures.

We have been very busy in primary 1/2. The children have been learning and revising their phonics and practicing their spelling. We did a unit of work on the Rainbow Fish story which the children loved, they really enjoyed making their own rainbow fish and primary 2 did some fantastic writing about it. We have been learning about tens and ones in numeracy, counting up to and back from 100 and estimation. We have been making patterns in maths. We have been getting outside as much as possible for some numeracy/literacy, P.E. and the daily mile. We are also learning about naming our emotions and different words for all the different feelings we can feel for health and wellbeing. Most of all we have been enjoying learning through play, developing fine motor skills and being very creative!

I wanted to let parents know that “Teach your Monster to Read” is an app which is excellent for phonics and reading and right now is available to download for free. I am going to make a class account for the children to access on the class chromebooks.

Well done P1/2 I am very proud of you all.

Miss Laing

N is for ninja!
Practicing our letter formation!
Building a city
An ancient fort!
Exploring hundreds, tens and ones outside
How many different ways can we make 10?
A map! “Here’s Nairn”
Fine motor skills
A triceratops!
A beautiful rainbow fish
Patterns on a S
Making purple pigs out of playdough for p
Matching the words to our reading book characters

Over the last couple of weeks P4 have been working hard at recognising, identifying and naming a variety of emotions. We have written stories about mood monsters and drawn mood monster faces as well as working out what to do to make us and others, feel better when we feel down.

We have been practising our yoga on a daily basis. Some of the children now feel confident enough to show others how to do their favourite positions.

In literacy, we have been using Boogle to make words and then identify nouns, verbs, adjectives and homophones.

In maths we have finished our place value work and our now focusing on number bonds and subtraction. The children have been enjoying using the chromebooks to reinforce and consolidate their learning.

What a busy couple of weeks it has been in the Rainbow and Sparkle Rooms where lots of fun has been had learning through play. Construction is a firm favourite in the Sparkle Room where the boys and girls enjoy using all sorts of objects to build with. There has been some great problem solving taking place. The Sparkle chidlren have also been working hard on turn-taking, counting in tens and their letter sounds.

In Rainbow Room, the children especially enjoy messy play and loved exploring the colourful spaghetti. They also listened to an orchestra during our music session, making loud and quiet sounds in a number of ways, including with instruments.

The weather this week has been so good, we’ve just had to get outside. The Sparkle Room have been completing the daily mile in the afternoon and then enjoy some free time on the trim trail along with the Rainbow Room.

Hello from Mrs Thomson. It is so great to be with Primary 2/3 as their class teacher on a Friday.  We have been very busy since the start of term getting to know each other better and working on our health and wellbeing superhero topic amongst other things.   

We have spent some time exploring what it takes to be a superhero and enjoyed talking about our personal Lockdown Heroes and why they are important to us. We then linked this to lots of stories about being brave, confident, kind and helpful.  We really enjoyed the story The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright and Jim Field and especially liked the idea that everyone could  have a Mouse and a Lion inside ourselves.  We agreed that we all have times when we are quiet and times when we like to ROAR!

We liked the story so much that the following Friday we borrowed The Koala who Could from Mrs MacInnes, a story from the same author and illustrator, about a Koala who was a little bit nervous when faced with something new. We discovered that we all felt a little nervous about coming back to school and not knowing what it would be like, even Mrs Thomson!

Last Friday we finished our Superhero masks which helped us get into character and to think like a Superhero. While we all wished we could have the power of invisibility or lightning speed we are going to concentrate for the moment on being brave and kind and helpful.

Ahoy, me hearties!

We have been busy digging for treasure, aye!

The children have been spending a lot of time digging in the mud pit which led to discussions about finding treasure. We buried some treasure and talk soon turned to pirates and pirate ships. We decided to go with the pirate theme for our topic. We are having lots of fun creating our own pirate ships with loose parts. We have sailed “the high seas” to desert island. The “baddies have walked the plank”.  Shiver me timbers, we are even working on a wall display and treasure maps. Arr!

All the children in P1 have settled in so well to their busy days at school and are having lots of fun whilst they learn. Here is a selection of some of the things we have been busy at over the last few weeks.

Learning about maths is so much fun and every day the children are impressing the adults with what they are discovering. By playing with different objects they are finding ways to forming numbers, sorting numbers, independently discovering how to add numbers together and finding patterns. They have also been investigating how long or how tall some of their constructions are, managing to build a tower of straws which was taller than Mrs MacInnes!

In literacy the children have started learning their phonics and have been having fun forming the letters in a variety of different ways and using a huge range of materials such as chalk, stickers, glue and string, sequins, sticks, stones and even their own bodies!

Some people have loved the chance to be the teacher too…

In Health and Wellbeing we have been learning about different emotions and how they make us feel. We have listened to lots of stories and have been thinking about the different ways we feel when we are happy, worried, nervous, angry, scared, sad or excited. One thing that makes everyone very happy is to spend time playing with their friends. Being in P1 really is such an exciting time!

Today we listened to some classical music and drew shapes and lines to the sounds… then we mixed our own colours to paint in the shapes.

Some reading activities, practising our ‘th’ spelling words and working together.

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