We had great fun on sports day last week and everyone did a great job!

The children have had a lovely couple of weeks inside the classroom and outside enjoying the sunshine. We have been so busy with lots of learning including; gardening, data handling, phonics, writing, reading, mental maths, money, fractions, division and P.E. The children loved their first sports day on Wednesday and enjoyed their activities and races. There was great excitement this morning when we realised a butterfly had emerged, and then another one after lunch!

Well done boys and girls I am so proud of you for all your hard work, you are all making such good progress. I am looking forward to another busy week next week!

Miss Laing

Looking at groups of numbers (the beginning of multiplication)
Magic cauldron addition!
Using concrete materials to explore fractions
Money game
Mental maths game
Can you make a house for a mouse? Learning ou/ow
A lovely house for a mouse!
Our own birthday pictogram
Another morning activity
Counting outdoor objects and tally marking
We all re potted our bean plants and sunflowers outside and they have been doing well! The children have also helped with some weeding
Practising for our sports in the gym hall when it was rainy
‘Egg and spoon’ relay
Dribbling the ball
Our beautiful painted lady butterfly!

A massive well done to the boys and girls in Rainbow and Sparkle for a fantastic sports afternoon. There were lots of smiles to be seen and everyone joined in brilliantly!

We had a lovely time on Monday afternoon taking part in Sports Day. We worked in groups to create potted sports activities that would challenge the other groups. We also took part in sprinting, relay and skipping races. Here are some pictures of the day.

The children have been enjoying lots of the learning with Miss Douglas and myself over the last few weeks. Alongside our usual phonics, reading, numeracy, arts and crafts we have been learning about living and growing things, including growing our own sunflowers, bean plants, pumpkin and caterpillars!

We have also been learning about the United Nations Rights of the Child and have been talking about the right to education, nutritious food and clean water. The children enjoyed sorted out things into things we need and things we want.

We have been getting outside as much as possible for the daily mile and P.E. and looking forward to some hopefully sunnier weather in the coming weeks.

Miss Laing

The cow jumped over the moon, learning oo
Learning the ‘th’ sound
We had been losing so many teeth and learning the ‘th’ sound so Miss Douglas helped us make tooth fairy flags for our bedrooms!
Practising our common words on the tuff tray
Finding buried treasure in the sand! (Common words)
Making our heart words (words we need to learn by heart) out of playdough
Making common words out of hama beads
Sorting our needs and wants
I made a poster about things we need and don’t need!
Using watercolours to paint spring flowers
Our sunflowers!

We’ve had a busy few weeks settling back into our new nursery room. We are currently learning about the body and this week we are focusing on the heart.
Attached are some photos of us having fun and learning.

We are settling in to our newly refurbished ELC room well. We have discussed with the children what we need to do to take care of our new room, they have given us lots of ideas and we created a small wall display of their work.
We are also learning about the body, the children were asked what they wanted to learn, we had a vote and the body won.

Attached are some recent pictures of the children having fun learning!

The first two weeks of the Summer Term have been a super busy time for Primary 1. The children have been exploring the school grounds hunting for all the different signs of Spring and love finding out about all things to do with nature. “I love nature,” was the quote of the week during week 1 and during week 2 there was the excitement of planting lots of seeds, some for our school garden and some to take home. Primary 1, along with P1/2 and GM 1-3 are taking part in Virtual Pumpkin Planting which is being hosted by Loch Ness Pumpkins. On Thursday, the class planted their pumpkin seed whilst Barbara from Loch Ness Pumpkins gave us step by step instructions. We have our fingers crossed that our pumpkin grows well! As well as learning all about plants, the children have been continuing to impress us all with their phonics, writing, maths, co-operative skills and also with all the amazing pictures and models they keep creating. Well done P1, you are all superstars!

Abair spòrs a bh’ againn airson Latha Na Cruinne! Bha sinn cho fortanach gun robh a’ ghrian a’ deàrrsadh gum b’ urrainn dhuinn an leasan againn  a dhèanamh a-muigh!  Mar chlas dh’ aontaich sinn gum b’ urrainn dhuinn tuilleadh a dhèanamh mar chlas gus ar saoghal a chumail fallain!  As dèidh làimhe chosg sinn beagan ùine sa ghàrradh àlainn againn airson ealain a dhèanamh air nàdar a bha mu thimcheall oirnn!

What fun we had for Earth Day!  We were so fortunate to have the sun shining that we were able to do our lesson outside! As a class we have agreed we can do more to keep our earth healthy. After that we spent some time in our school garden sketching the nature we saw around us.

A busy few weeks since returning from lockdown…

Inspired by Billy Monger and his fantastic work for Comic Relief, we enjoyed making some prosthetic hands.

Another STEM activity with some bridge building…

Spring art and the messy job of making our Easter bunny egg cups!

More STEM as we all had a go at as we had a go at creating our own vases for our Easter cards. Here are some of our prototypes…

and here are our finished cards.

Happy Easter everyone!

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