Parents will normally be notified if a departure from normal school hours is to occur. Our general policy will be to remain open where possible. However, before the onset of winter, parents will receive a letter from the school detailing the early closure procedure for extreme circumstances.

Information in this respect can be gained in the following ways:
School information line 0800 564 2272 (Millbank Pin no:- 04 2610)

This will be updated as early as possible in the event of a decision being made to close the school or delay the start of the day.

Moray Firth Radio. MFR will broadcast information about school closures at regular intervals each morning in bad weather.

At any time of severe weather, the final decision on whether a pupil attends school when we are open rests with the parent/carer.

In the event of the school grounds requiring to be evacuated, pupils will be taken to Rosebank School.

Fire drills are held at regular intervals throughout the session.

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